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Employment History
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This page details employment history of the professional to show areas and companies they have used their expertise or knowledge. It also represents self employed professionals as well as contracts the professional has been engaged in previously.

1.Company NameEquatorial Secretaries & Registrars
Position HeldCorporate Services Senior
From YearJanuary - 2012
To YearPresent
2.Company NameGrant Thornton
Position HeldCorporate Services Assistant
From YearJune - 2009
To YearDecember - 2011
3.Company NameMombasa Stocks & Shares (Dyer & Blair agents)
Position HeldDesk Officer
From YearJune - 2006
To YearSeptember - 2007
4.Company NameCEDAT college
Position HeldLecturer
From YearJanuary - 2008
To YearFebruary - 2009